Year 1 Homelearning

Thursday 8th February

Thank you for sending in photographs of the wonderful shops you have created at home. We have added them to our maths wall and they have become quite a focus for discussion!

 Maths activity mats

This week we will be sending home a maths activity sheet. The activities cover a range of key skills within the Year 1 maths curriculum. Please support your child in completing the tasks and return the sheet to school.

 Enjoy the half term break.

 Thank you for your support

Mrs Rowland and Miss Noble




Thursday 1st February

The children are enjoying learning about Africa. They are very proud of the artwork they have created, which is displayed in the Year 1 and 2 corridor. We would love for you to pop in and have a look.

 The Big Book about the Big Five

This week we have started to gather information, facts and drawings to create a big book about ‘The Big Five’. The children have been learning about the features of non-fiction texts. We would like for them to read an information book at home and identify the features. You could visit the library to borrow a book, read one you have at home or log on to Bug Club at to read one that we have selected for you. Your child’s log in details are on a sticker in their reading record.

Animal shopping with 20p

In maths, we have been using number bonds to 20 to help us subtract and find change from 20p. The children have enjoyed buying African animals from the pick ‘n’ mix animal shop. They have had to calculate the total cost of their animals and the change they would receive from 20p. Playing shops at home is a great way to help your child recognise and know and the value of coins and to practise addition and subtraction in a meaningful way. You could set up a shop at home with several items costing less than 10p and give change from 20p. We’d love to see photographs of your shops to add to our working wall.

Thank you for your support

Mrs Rowland and Miss Noble


Monday 30th October

Year 1 and 2 home learning

After the half term break, our journeys topic will focus on Space exploration. We will be learning about Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing. We will compare him to the British astronaut, Tim Peake and talk about what makes them significant people in history.

We will also be reading and writing stories with Space themes, such as Beegu, Man on the Moon and Aliens Love Underpants.

Please discuss Neil Armstrong, Time Peake and Space travel with your child as pre-learning for our topic.

Your child will also need a ‘Pringles’ type tube to build a space rocket over the coming weeks. Please collect any such tubes if you have them.

Optional extra

If your child would like to take the homework further, they could draw a story map for their favourite space themed story or recreate the cover of the book.

Enjoy the half term break!

Thank you for your support

Year 1 and 2 teams





Friday 6th October

Year 1 and 2 homework

Next week we will be using fairs and particularly Hull Fair as a stimulus to write poetry. We will use our senses to create interesting vocabulary.

Please discuss any fairs you have visited and if you go to Hull fair, please discuss how our senses are simulated.

Optional extra

If your child would like to take the homework further, they could draw a picture of a fair, fairground ride, hook a duck stall etc. They could write any vocabulary around it to describe smells, tastes sounds, feelings and what they see. They could even make a maths hook a duck game or bake some fair time treats. The choice is yours!

Have fun

Year 1 and Year 2 teams